3 Outrageous Viking Love Secrets You'll Want To Share

3 Outrageous Viking Love Secrets You'll Want To Share

You might assume that the Vikings practiced archaic, misogynistic relations. But they were actually somewhat progressive for their time.

While the Vikings had their share of toxic masculinity, not all their marriage practices were solely determined by men. In fact, there are still some Viking marriage practices reflected in some modern-day wedding ceremonies.

Norse expressions of adoration might differ from how you would tell someone you loved them today. Although many years have passed, you can find some of these same ideals in many modern relationships.

To learn more about Viking love, keep reading for an introduction to Norse practices and status quo's.

Viking Love

 Marriage Negotiations

Marriage was often either an alliance between two families or a bargain for peace between warring Viking clans. Still, the individuals might still have had a say about the marriage.

The simplest and most supported decision was to go through with the marriage. But both the men and women had the opportunity to refuse the marriage if they didn’t believe their future partner would be a good fit.

The declaration of an unfit partner might indicate that the woman deemed her potential husband to be unsatisfying in bed. Vikings believed that both partners had to orgasm in order to produce a successful pregnancy.

The wife in a Viking marriage could also divorce her husband if he later proved to be an unsatisfying or unsuccessful husband.

Sex Outside Marriage

Participating in sex before marriage was not as taboo in Viking culture as it is in other cultures and religious practices. The one caveat was that birthing a child outside of marriage might still have been somewhat shunned or shamed.

The woman was allowed to have sex with potential future husbands to determine who would make a good partner in marriage. As long as she avoided pregnancy, there was no judgment surrounding sex before marriage.

The man was allowed more flexibility to participate in sex even after marriage. Sometimes, this included using sex as violence when battling other clans or villages. Although, it was preferred that the man eventually commits to his marriage.

Adorned in Jewelry

The Vikings loved to be covered in jewelry of all kinds. Cloak pins and armbands were especially popular. Wearing a lot of jewelry and bright colors was a sign of wealth, status, and success.

Just as it is in traditional modern marriages, a Viking symbol for love in marriage was shown through an exchange of rings or other jewelry. The colors and symbolism on jewelry were especially important in an exchange of love.

Viking Love

Norse marriages may differ from modern relationships. Still, Viking couples were able to find love for their partners within the marriage.

There are many similar taboos and expectations for Viking love as there are for marriages today. The primary difference might be how families processed a divergence from expectations.

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