I Do: How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

I Do: How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement rings have been around for centuries, tracing their origin back to ancient Rome. Although different styles have emerged throughout their long history, the purpose of an engagement ring has always been pretty much the same: it is a symbol of union and commitment. 

With so much meaning behind this piece of jewelry, finding the perfect engagement ring might be an overwhelming process. Today, there are countless different options to choose from, so you do not need to worry, as you are bound to find the perfect fit.

Whether you are looking for the best option for yourself or someone special, you've come to the right place. Keep reading for a complete guide on how to find the engagement ring of your dreams. 

The Budget

An old piece of advice says that one should save the equivalent amount of about two to three months' salary to purchase an engagement ring. However, buying this type of jewelry is an incredibly personal experience, and just like the rings themselves, no size fits all when it comes to the budget. 

The average cost of a traditional diamond engagement ring is around $5,500. However, not everyone is looking for a diamond ring, so prices for specific styles will vary. It is essential to start the journey with a budget in mind to have an easier time finding rings that you can afford. 

Price is a significant factor to consider when looking for the perfect engagement ring, but the most crucial one will always be the meaning behind it. So, whatever your budget is, make sure to spend time looking for options that fully embody the beautiful union you are trying to symbolize. 

The Metal

Once you set your budget, you can start putting the pieces together and figure out what individual parts will make up the perfect engagement ring. The first thing you should consider for this process is the metal that will hold the ring together. There are many options to choose from, and the best one will solely depend on your preferences. 

Here's a rundown of the most popular metals for today's engagement rings: 


Gold is a prevalent metal for engagement rings. Because a gold band can be made out of different karats and colors (i.e., yellow, silver, and rose), picking gold as your metal gives you plenty of options. This type of metal is timeless and durable, making it a great choice. 


Platinum is a metal that will not oxidize and tends to be much heavier than 14K gold. This metal is fantastic for engraving. It has a soft silver color, which makes diamonds and other stones look amazing.  

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an affordable metal that looks and feels beautiful and luxurious. Sterling silver is a combination of primarily silver and other metals. This delicate material requires specific care but is a fantastic option to consider when looking to buy an engagement ring. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is becoming a trendy jewelry metal because it is strong, durable, and affordable. It is a good option if you are looking for an inexpensive metal that will last a very long time. 

The Stone

Although diamonds are associated with the idea of a perfect engagement ring, it is no longer the only stone that people choose. Non-traditional engagement ring stones have gained popularity in recent years. 

Choosing the best stone when you purchase an engagement ring will depend entirely on the style you are going after. Keep in mind that diamonds are also more expensive, so consider looking at different stones if you are working with a limited budget. Here is more information on some of today's most popular engagement ring stones: 


Nowadays, moissanite has become a top-rated engagement ring stone because of its beauty and affordability. This stone tends to be very shiny and resembles a traditional diamond. This is an excellent stone to go for if your priority is sparkle!

Cubic Zirconia 

Cubic Zirconia stones can look a lot like diamonds to the naked eye. The best part? It is significantly cheaper.

So, if you're looking for a stone that looks traditional but is inexpensive, this is the one to consider.  


Opal is a beautiful stone that projects many different colors. This is a fantastic option to go for if you or your loved one is unique and loves to add some fun to everything.

Colorful Stones

Colorful gems and stones can look beautiful in an engagement ring. If you or your partner are not into the traditional diamond look, you still have plenty of options to make the engagement ring extremely special. Some of the best ones to consider are emerald, ruby, onyx, amongst others. 

The Style

An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment that is supposed to last for a lifetime. So, when looking for the best engagement ring for you or someone special, it is crucial to consider personal style. Sure, traditional engagement rings can be gorgeous, but they don't fit everyone's aesthetic. 

When you go out to purchase the ring, keep in mind that it'll be a piece of jewelry that you or your partner will wear daily. 

Remember that an engagement ring does not have to look traditional. Rings are made with different colors and techniques, making it easy and fun to find one that will match a specific look. As long as love and meaning are behind it, any ring you like can become that perfect symbol for unity. 

Start Looking for the Perfect Engagement Ring

Ready to purchase an engagement ring? Consider the metal, stone, and style of the ring you want while considering your budget. Remember that the most remarkable part of an engagement ring is the meaning behind it, so go with your heart throughout the process. 

Now that you know all of the elements that go into picking out the perfect engagement ring, it is time to go shopping. At Symbolic Design Jeweller, you'll be able to find some fantastic options.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our ring catalog today!