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Designer and Symbols

Asaf is a Jewelry designer and Hedva is Graphic designer and photographer,
The story begins with a Japanese cloth doll - Sarubobo.
The symbol is taken from Japanese culture which In the past, grandmothers would sew her red cloth to their daughters and granddaughters as a mascot for good mating, good marriage for fertility and healthy children.
Nowadays, it is sewn in different color's, each designed to fulfil a wish : blue for
school and work, green for health, yellow for silver, pink for love.

The Serobobo

The Sarubobo is available in different sizes and colors, but always without facial features. There are several explanations for this, some concerning matter, some to the spirit. The explanation that captured our hearts was that the power to decide what emotion would reflect the face of the doll is the decision of each one, just as each of us has the power and responsibility to decide what his life will look like.
Assaf and Hedva encounter with the Serobobo happened at a time when each of us ended a chapter in our lives looking for a new opportunity - for love, for relationships, for doing.

Inspired by the faceless doll that reminds us that even in this complex life we ​​have the right to choose, we have found ourselves embarking on a journey of exposure and discovery - each for himself and both as a couple, together. We read about ancient civilizations, hired a cultural explorer, learned about mascots, and started taking interest in symbols and gathering them. A roots journey I made to Morocco exposed us to the barbaric culture and the Yaz (?) Symbolizing the free man.
This is how HIZDAMNUT was born - from the new opportunity we were looking for and as an expression of our common path. HIZDAMNUT's main goal is to remind people that they have the choice and that their next opportunity awaits in the doorway. For HIZDAMNUT we have molded my experience as a facilitator of workshops and as an accompanist of personal and organizational empowerment processes, and Asaf's talent as an artist and jewelry designer. Together, we formulated a unique design language, creating a spectacular collection of jewelry and talismans that combine original images with ancient symbols into a new and meaningful image.
We invite you to join us in the language of symbols, images, colors, and materials and create your unique reminder that choosing is the tool that navigates our lives and gives us the next opportunity.