Spin Away the Worry: Spinner Rings Look Beautiful and Ease Anxiety

While jewelry has always made for amazing gifts to a loved one, people are recently realizing that it also makes for the perfect gift for themselves. In fact, according to recent numbers, 51% of millennial women choose jewelry over other items when they decide that it's time to treat themselves!

If you're one of these women and are looking for something unique to buy, spinner rings are the perfect way to boost both your aesthetic and your mental health. Read on to learn all about these unique rings for women and the various styles that you can choose from!

What Are Spinner Rings?

Spinner rings are rings that have two parts to them. There is a bottom layer to the ring that fastens securely around your finger as any other ring would. Unlike other rings, though, there's also a top layer that can spin in circles around the bottom layer (and around your finger).

Basically, you can spin the top layer of the ring around as a way of discreet fidgeting. This relieves stress and anxiety by providing your mind with a soothing and repetitive task. It also helps those with mental illness, ADHD, and autism to focus on specific sensory input that can help their minds decompress and focus.

It also just is a lot of fun!

Are These Health Benefits Proven True?

In short, yes! There's a lot of science to back up these claims.

When it comes to stress and anxiety, playing with a fidget ring is a displacement behavior that's intended to relieve stress. Being bored and having nothing to do causes people to become stressed, and fidgeting is something to do. Additionally, repetitive movements are soothing to all animals including humans.

Cognitive studies have shown fidgeting to be a self-regulating mechanism to boost our attention spans. It also improves memory and comprehension for everyone. Generally speaking, many experts believe that fidgeting provides the physiological stimulation necessary to focus on tasks. This is a claim that has been proven in a study where people who were allowed to doodle while talking on the phone remembered more of a phone conversation than those who were not.

What Styles Can You Choose From?

You may worry that fidget rings are boring and plain to look at, but this isn't the case at all! There are many options when looking for a ring to go with your wardrobe.

You can choose gold plated or silver spinner rings depending if you prefer warm or cool colors. You can also choose from those that have dot-embossed top rings for gorgeous accents. These styles are gorgeous and subtle while still being detailed when you look closely at them.

There are also unique floral patterns that can adorn top rings. If you want to make your outfit come together in a delicate way, these make for the perfect accessories!

Get Started

While there are tons of ring varieties that can draw an outfit together, spinner rings have a lot of health benefits. They're definitely something to consider!

Now that you know all about spinner rings and the styles that you can choose from, it's time to find the perfect accessory for you! Browse and shop for the many items that we offer by looking at our online catalog. Here, you'll find spinner rings as well as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that match whichever ring style you choose!