Technique, color and Matter

Matter – Our jewelry combine the contemporary, ancient and classic – plexiglass, mirrors, cloth, brass, concrete, wood and stone, and of course gold, silver, rough diamonds and polished diamonds.

Color – Our jewelry are colorful. We paint them in strong and meaningful colors because we believe that color is a capsule of energy: purple for self-fulfillment, pink for love, gold for healing, silver for patience, yellow for affluence, red for daring... and more.

Technique – Our design language grants great freedom in using almost all possible techniques – graffiti, etching, plating, laser art, casting, extrusion and more.

Symbols and images – We draw the inspiration for our images from symbols in ancient cultures. To carry the spiritual endowment of the ancient symbol into a contemporary piece of craftsmanship – into matter – we formed a new design language.

Design – Our designs are minimalist. We designed every piece of jewelry as a meaningful symbol to invite everyone to find an intimate reminder for their own special opportunity. Our spectacular collection of jewelry weaves original and ancient symbols into new meaningful images. As for the energy capsule – the color- it is for each one to choose.


Our collection – The materials and techniques open up endless opportunities to create different kinds of crafts. We chose to design jewelry because they are personal, close to the heart, stimulate the soul. Our pieces of jewelry are worn in different countries and they are for any age and culture because no matter the differences – our design language expresses a universal idea – We create our own reality.


Workshops and meetings – We hold workshops and meetings in different forms. They all have one essence – to encourage participants to create the reminder for their own future opportunity with their own hands.